Board of Directors

We’re proud of those who serve on the board of directors. Their dedication to growing the organization has helped us through planning our seasons, strategic planning, community outreach, and  collaborations.  They have helped us to develop relationships with UW Washington County as resident theater company as well as with professional theater companies as we strive to bring the very best of community theater to Washington County.

President – Christophe Jenkin
Vice-President – Karen Betz
Treasurer – Christophe Jenkins
Secretary – Danielle Werner
Board – Peter Gibeau
Board – Barb Senzig
Board – Tom Stodola
Board – Angie Miller
Board – Amanda Voelzke
Board – Mikaela Collar
Board – Lester Hahn
Board – June Hibbard
Board – Olya Konrath
Board – Jen Martin

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