West Bend's Longest Running Community Theatre


Community Theater is a great place to make friends, and be a part of the creative process.

Whether you are on stage, back stage, making costumes, or designing our program books or updating our website, there is always an opportunity for you to be part of community theater.  If you want to learn, we have people eager to share the ins and outs of theater with you.  Maybe the last time you were on stage you were six years old?  No worries!  Many of our actors have found themselves in that same position.  You can be active in so many ways with Musical Masquers.

Check out our Actors or Directors pages if you want to be involved in making theater come to life.

If you have business skills and development background or experience writing grants, then consider joining our board of directors.

If you are into construction, costuming, ushering, box office, etc… considering becoming a Musical Masquers volunteer.

If you are able to support the costs of bringing theater to life, then please become a patron or advertiser.