West Bend's Longest Running Community Theatre

Annual Meeting Notice

TO:  Members with Voting Rights in Musical Masquers, Inc.

In accord with the By-Laws of Musical Masquers, Inc. this is to provide you with notice of the Annual Membership Meeting of Musical Masquers Inc, on January 8, 2017- Sunday at 1:00 PM.

The meeting shall be held at University Wisconsin Washington County, West Bend WI – in the cafeteria.

The purpose of the meeting is to hold a vote by the members on Items I and II Below.   For the purposes of this meeting, the NOTICE DATE is November 22,2016

For the purposes of this meeting, the RECORD DATE is December 31, 2016.  This means you must be a  member of record by December 31, 2016.

PROXY VOTES are accepted for  members unable to be present at the meeting.  PROXY votes are accepted for Items I & II.  Procedure for proxy voting is: Send an e-mail on or before the meeting date with the subject line PROXY VOTE to Steve Paykel, President at:  indicating the following:

Your Name and current e-mail address

Your vote: YES OR NO For Item I Below

Your vote: YES OR NO For Item II Below

Your proxy shall extend only to Items I and II.   Items on the agenda for this annual meeting are:

Item I.

Vote to replace Larry Loomans position on the board with a 1 year term. Nominations from the floor accepted.


Item II.

Approve the Annual report.